0.3 Road Map


One of the projects id like to work on for my 0.3 release is Microsoft Calculator, I was going to take another look at Visual Studio Code for potential issues, and then decided to see what other projects Microsoft had on there github. Since I started OSD, I've wanted to work on a C++ project, but most are a massive code base and do complex computing, but this project is a much better starting point, and a good name to contribute to. I found this issue asking to move the engine from C pointers and manually deleting memory to C++ smart pointers, for anyone who doesn't know, a smart pointer is the closest thing your going to get to Java's garbage collection in C++


The second project i'd like to work on is from Microsoft as well, microsoft-ui-xaml. I'm sure everyone has a opinion of microsoft's UI/UX decisions. Most people have used windows 8, even if only for a moment... but windows 10 has seen lots of UI improvement, even the last update bringing dark mode file explorer,
which from this blog, you might see is a welcome change with me. The issue I found for this project is simple, the UI has a color change when the mouse enters a button, this color change is black to gray in dark mode, but the back button doesnt follow this color scheme. I would like to work on this bug, to get my feet wet on the front end of desktop applications, its probably one of the biggest things not covered in the CPA/CPD program.


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